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Powering growth through empowering women.


Fund Profile


The Ravensburg Women’s Investment Fund (The Fund) has been set up to identify and invest in successful and cash generative unlisted SMEs. With the fund as an investor, a business will be able to leverage a higher BEE rating that our ownership brings, and move on to the next phase of their growth.


In this way, the fund achieves its aims to:

  • assist and grow SMEs

  • raise funds for the education of previously disadvantaged individuals

  • provide investors with attractive returns.


Investment Strategy


  • Identify and invest in high-quality SMEs with proven cash generation record.

  • Give existing management the tools and BEE ratings they require to drive their business into the next growth phase. Key executives will remain in the business to execute a growth strategy.

  • Stake sizes will vary depending on the individual business requirements but will typically be 26%-51%.

  • Stake value will be R5m – R50m.

  • Investment timeline is 3 – 7 years.

  • The Fund will generate returns for investors and shareholders via dividends paid during the investment period and an increase in equity value as the business moves into their new growth phases.

  • Targeted returns for investors are 20% IRR including dividends and capital growth.